Istituto cultura italiana (NCLE)

Non-profit organization operating in the linguistic and literary field, active in Tbilisi, Georgia

Bank account

Attention, since Georgia is not within the ‘Single Euro Payments Area’ (Sepa), in order to transfer funds from an European account, it is possible you cannot rely on your «internet banking», if you are used to do so, and that in this case you have to address to your bank directly. However, unless your bank is able to transfer funds outside Sepa for less than 1% of the amount, we suggest to use By this way, you will be able to transfer funds from your European bank account, to the European bank account of ‘Transferwise’, and they will do the international transfer for you against a fee which could be one order of magnitude lower than the standard bank fee for operations towards countries not belonging to Sepa. The system is clever, and eventually we can provide you with further assistance in using it. Finally, if you prefer not to use your credit card on the Internet, please contact us at and we will discuss alternative ways of transfer, like Western Union, Moneygram, or if possible a direct Iban of an European bank account.

Intermediary BankCommerzbank, Frankfurt, Germany, SWIFT COBADEFF
AccountBank of Georgia, SWIFT: BAGAGE22; 29a Gagarin street, Tbilisi 0160, Georgia
AccountGE65 BG00 0000 0542 8679 00
Tel.(0995 32) 2444 444