Institute of Italian culture (NGO)

A non-profit organization focused on humanism and social innovation, active in Tbilisi, Georgia

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Language courses

The Institute of Italian culture (NGO) – a non profit organization focused on humanism and social innovation – provides language courses of Italian, French, and English at the new headquarters, located in 2, Machabeli st. (III floor), 100 meters from Freedom square and right besides Leonidze st.

All the courses are taught by qualified teachers (select one of the courses below to access their professional summary and the details of the course) will involve native and qualified speakers even for classes of beginners, and will take place in a stimulating environment where you can feel and participate with the most genuine European culture.

Attention! We are now in Machabeli st. 2, III floor and we receive under appointment. Write us at is​t​i​t​u​t​o​c​u​l​t​u​r​a​i​t​a​l​i​a​n​a​@​m​a​i​l​.​c​om to arrange a meeting in the time 15.00–19.00!

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The Italian course for beginners: Tamuna Gavashelashvili and her students

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