Istituto cultura italiana (NCLE)

Non-profit organization operating in the linguistic and literary field, active in Tbilisi, Georgia

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As a non-European organization, the Institute of Italian culture is not strictly required to comply the ‘EU Cookie Directive’ on the use of «cookies», which is furthermore questionable because «cookies» only allow the persistence of data, on the side of the user, which have already been sent to the server. However, our «cookie policy» is the following: the website of the Institute will only store on the client (the browser of the visitor), the information of some settings aimed to enhance the «user experience», including, where available, those related to the «login» itself. read moreHowever, we will not use «advertising cookies», nor third parties «cookies», because it is in our precise policy to not implement, within our website, whatever «plugin» or external button of third parties, like for instance ‘social networks’, which we believe, by contrast to their massive usage, malicious and unseemly in the «economy» (of learning and scientific usage) of the web. In addition, we provide a full control over «cookies» which are being stored, not so much from our website, but «to give persistence» to some action of the visitor — in such a way that, through the following tool, you can delete any existing «cookie», create new ones,and even to modify any aspect of them, including internal keys and values. Of course the aim of such tool is on one side, the transparency; on another the learning aspect (since the character of this website would be primarily educational), and finally, to offer a perhaps quite efficient way to manage some aspect of this website (once that the functioning of it has been roughly understood) acting directly on its information.less

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