Institute of Italian culture (NGO)

Non-profit organization operating in the linguistic and literary field, active in Tbilisi, Georgia


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Mattia Baldoni
Mattia Baldoni Mattia Baldoni has a degree in Political Science and International Relations from Università degli Studi di Perugia and a master degree in Local and global development from Università di Bologna. His field of study is focused on the area of Russia/CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and Caucasus and is collaborating as redactor with the newspapers “Il caffè geopolitico” and “Russia2018”. He had been doing an internship at Fondazione di ricerca Istituto Carlo Cattaneo (Bologna) and at Università degli Studi di Perugia (Progetto FISE - Finestra sull'Europa) and is now participating as volunteer to the Erasmus+ project "Youth on the bridge, European identity between Italy and Georgia".

Taught languages
  • Italian advanced
Gabriele Rota
Gabriele Rota Gabriele Rota has a degree in mediolatin philology from University of Milan and a master degree in Italian and linguistic sciences at Università di Bologna (with a thesis on automatic language processing for the recognition of false news on social media). He has been educational tutor for the Royal Arcore Associazione Culturale Linguistica (Arcore), editorial assistant for the non profit association "Succede solo a Bologna", web editor, as well as member of various musical groups as a drummer. Gabriele is now participating as volunteer to the Erasmus+ project "Youth on the bridge, European identity between Italy and Georgia".

Taught languages
  • Italian advanced
Tamari Gavashelashvili
Tamari Gavashelashvili Graduated in 2014 at the Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, International Relations, her secondary profession is journalism. In 2013 she studies Italian and English at the Center of Foreign Languages in Rome, after having been a member of IFES Georgia (NGO) in 2006-2009 and employee in a company of professional growth and business development named “INTELEQTIKA”.

Taught languages
  • Italian elementary
Fred Sengmueller
Fred Sengmueller Fred Sengmueller is a translator and editor. He is a native speaker of English and was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where he graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA in History and French. In 2003 he obtained a CELTA ESL teaching certificate and has taught English in a number of countries including Italy, Nepal, Germany and Quebec. In Italy he worked for many years in Rome at the Istituto dell'Enciclopedia Italiana (Treccani). He currently works as an editor and translator of academic articles.

Taught languages
  • English intermediate advanced
Alina Okropiridze
Alina Okropiridze Graduated in 1998 at the Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Philosophy and sociology, where she obtains the qualification of philosopher and of teacher of Philosophical disciplines, continues her studies in the University of Language and Culture of Tbilisi. Graduated in 2002 at that University, after a teaching assignment in International Relations (language: French and English) she works as French teacher, journalist, translator, and guide.

Taught languages
  • French elementary intermediate
Fred Musart
Fred Musart Graduated in 1994 at the University La Sorbonne (Paris 1, Pantheon), in Philosophy, Frederic Musart is a native French speaker with several years of experience as teacher and instructor of French language in Hungary and Morocco, and in teaching Philosophy in France. In Bordeaux he is animator of an atelier of writing and an atelier of philosophy, in a socio-cultural center. He is also organizer of a cultural “cabaret” (a cultural activity carried out in a convivial context) in a “community gardening” (a small rural area managed by a group of citizens).

Taught languages
  • French intermediate advanced
Tinatin Tsagareishvili
Tinatin Tsagareishvili Tinatin Tsagareishvili obtained a master degree in French and Spanish (Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages Ilia Chavchavadze; today Ilia State University), a First level Diploma in Italian language and culture issued by University of Siena, and she obtained a CILS Certificate in Italian as a Foreign language (Level C-2) in 2008. She is professor of Italian language at Ilia State University and an accredited translator at the Italian Consulate in Georgia since 2009. Tinatin Tsagareishvili has a long and overwhelming career as interpreter. Since 2009 she has worked in high level consecutive and simultaneous interpretation of -- among others -- Georgia’s president Eduard Shevarnadze and Georgian Patriarch (1999), Mikheil Saakashvili (2008) Giorgi Margvelashvili and the speech by Pope Francis (2016). read moreTinatin Tsagareishvili has also been involved in film translation from Georgian to Italian: among other works, she has translated the film "Felicità" (presented at Venice Film Festival in 2014) and the film "Credit Limit" (2014) both directed by Salome Aleksi-Meskhishvili ; in 2016 she has translated the documentary film about “the first Georgian expedition to Mount Ararat” commissioned by the archbishop Nikolos on the occasion of his visit to Italy. She also has gave public lectures in 2004 (“La pittura di Leonardo da Vinci” presented during the 2004 World Italian Language Week), in 2005 (“Margaret Mazzantini Don’t Move: Solitude and Ambiguity in Modern Man” held during World Italian Language Week), in 2014 (“Una piccola riflessione sulla narrativa pirandelliana” presented at the International Conference on Italian language: from Petrarch...” at the Italian Cultural Centre of the Ilia State University), and in 2015, with a lecture dedicated to the poetry of Giuseppe Ungaretti, at the same centre.less

Taught languages
  • Italian elementary intermediate advanced
Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin Michael Griffin is an author, editor and media trainer, who has worked in Africa, the Indian Ocean and South Asia. His published works include Reaping the Whirlwind, a seminal study of the Taliban published in June 2001; and Islamic State: Rewriting History (October 2015). He worked as editor for Transparency International, International Alert, IWPR and Small Arms Survey from 2001-2012. He has also observed elections in West and North Africa for the EU, and for the OSCE in Azerbaijan.

Taught languages
  • English advanced

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