Istituto cultura italiana (NGO)

Non-profit organization operating in the linguistic and literary field, active in Tbilisi, Georgia

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Language courses

The Institute of Italian culture (NGO) – a non profit organization operating in the linguistic and literary field active in Tbilisi (Georgia) – provides language courses of Italian at the new office located in M. Kostava st. 68, (at public Georgian Broadcaster, III building, II floor), right besides Heroes square.

The courses in the academic year 2019/2020 will be held by qualified Georgian and Italian teachers with the participation of Italian volunteers within the frame of the ESC (European solidarity corps) programme, specifically for conversation and informal language exchange.

Attention! The lessons in the year 2020 will restart on 10 January. Write at is​t​i​t​u​t​o​c​u​l​t​u​r​a​i​t​a​l​i​a​n​a​@​m​a​i​l​.​c​om to arrange a meeting in the time 15.00–19.00. Thank you!

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The Italian course for beginners: Tamuna Gavashelashvili and her students

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